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"Professional, reliable generator services with integrity you can count on"

Our Services
• Generator Overhauls 

• Bearing and Seal Inspections 

• Re-Babbit Bearings 

• Collector Ring (Slip ring) Service 

• In-Place Water and Non-Water Based Cleaning

• Insulation Inspection 

• Corona Inspections and Repairs 

• Lacing Inspections and Repairs 

• Video Probe (Borescope) Inspections 

• Polarization Index 

• Insulation Resistance 

• Resealing of Insulation System
• Transformer Oil Sampling/Inspection 

• (ASTM)

• Valve Repair/Replacement 

• General Site and Maintenance Services 

• Thermal Infared Inspections

Inspection, Repair and

Refurbishment of Rotating

Electrical Equipment

• High-speed Turbine Generators 

• Hydroelectric Generators 

• Multi-pole Generators